[T] Bright (customizable AutoBrightness) [18.9.20]

by Dummi26

Version 1 (September 18, 2020)

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[See changelog below]

Pressing 'Start' (or a home screen widget) while this flow is running will stop it :)

When you set your screen brightness to 0 or unlock your phone (if chosen), the brightness is adjusted depending on the ambient light level.

On startup, you will get popups. Select what you want!


-If this program is not setup right (too bright / dark), change the "custom" value at the top of the flowchart.


18.9.20 (9/18/20)

✖️ Changed the On/Off toggle to no longer require storage permissions and to work if the flow stops because of an error or by the user pressing the stop button (which you shouldn't do with the old version, but it's fine now :D )

✖️ I messed up my block placement so change 2 for today :/