☆Multiple flow, battery saving, intruder safe.☆

by AL

Version 2 (October 18, 2020)

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[Password is ( 1)] NO ROOT REQUIRED!
Been working finally made an promising edge to all the editing, this little guy will take multiple pics of any intruders also if caught you needa enter password or more pics so eventually you will have an clear pic of the asshole, tells how much internet is currently being used and tells you how far you are away from the wifi your connected to when your connected to any! Every 20 seconds it'll tell 0-100, you pull screen down just edit the mute on this so it's not spamming your notifications if your in a low network area if it disconnects commonly etc and if your an 5.0 in androidor higher don't forget you can special edit the apps notifications, auto clean is on so never worry about this flow cramming up device ever!
Pull screen down to turn on flash light i find this hella useful for incase if any device doesn't have an app that is is made for flash light there you go.
Lastly you set it up your self with what settings to catch your vehicles BT I have mine set to
( know when to start searching and connecting to my car)
When copying texts given option to bold the text I jus like this idea my self.
Speaks name of who is calling and entire flow is fully set to auto off wifi and BT perfectly, enjoy!!
6am or when your time send an wonderful msg to whom you'd love
Bottom right jus add (location checker) or what you'd like to remember the cause for wifi to be re-enable again.

This will never hurt your device, try and see if you like the idea 0f this please! If you got an idea of something better or smoother make it! :) I'd love to see it.

☆This flow design was fully made for battery saving i don't take full credit for this as these are stolen from other flows but I never seen any other automatic flows like this so made my own. Hope you like the idea and works well comment any issues please! :) ☆

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