Cloud Intruder Photo

by Karl T

Version 1 (March 27, 2016)

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This is a simple script that executes three functions once someone enters the incorrect password, PIN, or pattern three times: It will make the phone vibrate momentarily, which won't alert an intruder. Secondly, it takes a photo using the front facing camera, capturing the intruder's face. Last, it will place that picture in your primary Camera folder. For users with cloud storage this means the picture should be instantly uploaded so you can view it even if the phone is lost or stolen. If you have GPS tagging enabled this is even more effective.

I designed this to be discreet. Other scripts that alert the intruder that their photo has been taken can prompt the intruder to disconnect, disable, or turn off your device before the photo can be uploaded.

Made by Karl Troutman. Feel free to edit and upload! :)

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