[©️] Automate Community Chat FIXED

by Chase Davis

Version 1 (October 10, 2020)

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Non premium!!! 😄 (Beta 1.0)
⚠️: Samsung account problem (hopefully) fixed. Sorry!
Made by: Chase Davis

A simple way to communicate without using comments. This flow is currently in beta, so expect bugs and/or mishaps.

Talk about flows, regular expressions, share flows, help out, or just have a friendly conversation.

With this cloud based chat room, users can talk to one another much faster than the comment system. You can even change you nickname without talking to the server! This flow is completely open-source, so if you feel like it, you can create your own custom flow that's compatible with my server.

I will be releasing the server flow once beta testing is done, so you can make chat rooms of your own!


BETA 1.0
-Released 😁

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