CloudFile [GGFG]

by GGforGaming Player

Version 1 (October 22, 2020)

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This flow can make a file that everyone that has the gmail address and the password of the server edit a file. This supports a read and edit request at the same time! Not sure if it also support 2+ requests with same type. Here are the steps:

1)Get a Android device and run the make server file flow (if first time) and then run the server flow. Setup with your account and a password (to access the files).

2)On another Android device, run the user flow, choose your account, enter the server account's gmail address and then enter the password entered in the server flow.

3)Choose what you want to do with the file.


A thing that happened to me was that when I cancelled the file editor the file resetted. But I could fix it.

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