💤 Bedtime Charging Mute 🔕

by Fran T

Version 8 (February 25, 2022)

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Silences your phone while it's charging at bedtime. Doesn't interfere with any Do Not Disturb settings you may also have. When charging is started, the flow will automatically mute your device during your bedtime (or when it later becomes your bedtime), and un-mute it after your bedtime ends or you take it off the charger. You can cancel the mute at any time by swiping away the notification.

The Demo flow lets you experiment with your settings without having to plug in and unplug your phone. If it's within the time window of your bedtime, you can end the demo by swiping away the notification. If the time window passes, the demo will un-mute your phone and end.

Be sure not to stop the flow with the Automate Stop button while your phone is muted, or it will be left silenced. Simply swipe away the notification.

o Added vibration when plugged in
o Fix for state change when phone is charged outside of the sleep window
o Added Show Settings flow, simplified muting