🔊 Notification Reader

by Fran T

Version 9 (August 14, 2022)

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Reads out notifications when a wired or Bluetooth headset is connected, or through the loudspeaker. Repeated notifications are ignored, and notifications are not read out during Do Not Disturb mode. You can exclude certain apps from having their notifications read out, and a default list of system apps to ignore is provided for you.

You can also snooze the reader by pulling down the notification and choosing an amount of time to snooze. While snoozing, expand the notification again to choose to resume reading. You can swipe away the notification to stop reading until a headset is connected again. -The flow stops completely if the loudspeaker is chosen as an output device.

The Test Notification flow lets you try out the main Notification Reader flow. Simply start the main or Demo flow, then run the Test Notification flow. If your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, the flow will turn it off before showing the notification so you can hear it read out, then restore DND mode once the test is complete. The Demonstration Mode flow works the same as the main Notification Reader flow, except that the snooze durations are in seconds instead of minutes.

Several system apps are provided in the default list of apps to ignore, which you can easily remove when the Notification Reader flow starts. If you remove some and later want them back, you can run the Restore System Apps flow.

o Added snooze, Demonstration Mode flow
o Added Show Settings flow; added "Device Personalization Services" ("Now Playing") to list of default system apps to exclude from readout (use the Restore System Apps flow to exclude readout of song titles for Android 10+)
o Fix for Samsung devices, where default texting app can't be determined
o Keep reading notifications when the Bluetooth connection rolls over to a new device
o Don't repeat readout when Android refreshes the notification