(🎤🚫) Mic anti spy

by Sebastian Norr

Version 1 (November 11, 2020)

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NOT WORKING (but I promised to upload it, and I'm already very delayed because these technical problems described below).

It's currently set up to work within its own empty folder, but if you CARELESSLY change folder, for example to where your phone ringing sounds are stored, THIS PROGRAM WILL DELETE THOSE SOUND FILES, do NOT do this, I tried to make it "safe"(er) by limiting the deletion to ONLY be some specific audio types, but I can't make it completely foolproof.

I also added a LOT of documentation, which all can be deleted if needed.

This flow is supposed to "block" the microphone from being used by other malicious spying apps, but it does not seem to work, at lest not on modern phones.

It "blocks" the microphone by constantly record & overwrite a single audio file,

For some reason this "trick" no longer works, either Automate or Android OS have developed to handle multiple audio streams from the same source.
It HAS been working on my old phone (Sony Xperia X (don't remember Android version, maybe v8?)) buy does NOT work any longer.

The theory was that only ONE thing could use the microphone at a time, and if Automate tried to make a recording while some other program was using the microphone, then the flow should FAIL to record & therefore warn the user of the recording, but as mentioned, I can't make it "work" (actually fail) on my phone.

An additional security feature is that as long as this program is running, it monitors the audio file for ANY attempt to access or read the file, the file is essentially "read only", any attempt to access the file SHOULD trigger a pop-up warning to the user.

Unfortunately i haven't figured out a way to delete the file just before the program is terminated & thus the last recording remains, without monitoring,
ANY help & suggestions to solve these problems would be appreciated
(both the "file remaining" problem & the "multi program recording" problem).
Thank you!

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