FileShredder (delete forever)

by Broderick Otis

Version 1 (November 14, 2020)

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Build: 201907231530
Non-premium! No root required.

This flow helps you delete files forever, by overwriting the diskspace X times with binary zeros, binary ones, and finally a random digit before deleting (DoD 5220.22-M Wiping Standard ).
Progress is visible in REALTIME through notification.

Overwrite options (X):
0, just delete.
1, should be enough.
3, when you dont trust once, slow *
5, when you really want it gone, slow **
10, for the paranoid, slow ****
35, military grade, slow ******
50, this will probably trigger something at the NSA, slow *********

Attention, this is a very powerfull tool! Deleted files that are not backupped are gone forever! Use with caution!

Note, I did have to cut some corners to keep this at 30 blocks, AND make it do everything it does.
So if you want to go back a folder, you'll have to restart the flow. You can also select files only. Another 3 - 4 blocks would have fixed these issues, but then it wouldn't be non-premium.

Build: 201907231530 it's live!

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