📄CSV ↔️Converter

by Ricardo Fernández Serrata

Version 2 (November 27, 2020)

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csvDecode: Parses/Deserializes CSV (to 2D array). It auto-detects if the input is a file path and reads the file, or reads the input directly. Returned output is a nested (2D) array when there is more than 1 line.

csvEncode: Serializes to CSV. I don't recommend passing a multidimensional array that isn't 2D. 1D arrays are fine.

I made these modular so that if you need these for your flows you can just CP📋 and delete the example Variable Set {in} and Log Append.

I still have to add support for custom escape chars and other features to make it compatible with multiple CSV implementations (both automatically and/or specified by a flow/user).

I must admit that both have bugs, sorry for that. If someone wants to contribute, I (and the community) would really appreciate it. I'll add credits in this description.

In case you didn't know, CSV stands for "Comma Separated Values" or jokingly "c,O,m,M,a ,, ,s,E,p,A,r,a,T,e,D , ,, v,A,l,U,e,S"

Future changelog:
1. Add support for any delimiter/separator, escape chars and quoting chars.
2. Make them strings (instead of single chars) to add more flexibility.
3. Add support for various delimiters, quoters and escapers simultaneously.
4. Add arrayInvert to swap columns and rows of 2D and 1D arrays.

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