Wifi Network Tool

by Niels Triple

Version 2 (January 6, 2021)

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Non-Premium, no root required.

A tool I built because I was working on my home network.

Standard: Shows your local IP, connection speed, connection frequency, signal strength, security, and router MAC address.

Optional (three http requests): Gets your external IP, isp data, and the vendorname of the router. (Vendor names are stored with atomics, and will recognise other MAC addresses from the same vendor)

Bonus: Quick link to the (any) router login page, a nice UI through Notifications, error handling, and the ability to summon the almighty Cthulhu to guard your network.
Also, just 29 blocks, so what's not to love?

Only works if connected to a wifi network, otherwise it'll wait until you are.

V2: added VPN support

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