🗻 Altitude via Web

by Christina Rendon

Version 1 (November 29, 2020)

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This flow uses the GPS device then queries the altitude of your location from a web server and displays the result in a dialog, ideally once the location accuracy is better than 100 meters (can be customized in the flow). This provides a very accurate elevation but requires a network connection and the GPS needs to be enabled. Root required to automatically enable and disable location as needed but the flow is made so it will work without root. Flow can be used with a widget if desired. Custom icons for automate widgets are available at www.iconspedia.com assuming you are using an automate flow beginnings shortcut style widget and have a custom android launcher like GoLauncher or an app like Icon Changer from the app store that allows you to change shortcut icons. The API key included has a limited number of uses so you may need to update the APIKEY var block (block 116), adding your personal API key available for free from mapquest.com via the link below. Also install and enable necessary permissions.

Free API key available from:

Note: Make sure the "Google Play Services" location api option in the automate settings is disabled otherwise automate will not be able to obtain an accurate location fix.

* * * Created by Pete Glass * * *