Version 4 (December 11, 2020)

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Please credit me for this system if you put it in your OS
Feel free to pin bugs in comments if you find any!

AuthOS is a simple Authentication operating system with self-check for already existing users
All Users info stored on-board of your device and never sent to me
User info stored in "Users" directory on external storage, inside, there's folders named as users, inside a folder lies a file named "password.usr"
If you explicitly edited flow/users, just "Boopload System" and it'll automatically fill in missing users
If you want to delete flow, use "Delete the Data" fiber to delete User Data(so you don't need to mannualy delete user data)
User management only available to add users for now, to delete specific user you need to delete their folder(User folders are located at /storage/(Your SD card)/Users/(username))
Ver 1: Release
Ver 1.1: " Delete the Data" option added"
Ver 1.2: changed user searching to file listing instead of reading list file(no need to manually enter users to "list" file)
Ver 1.3: fixed a bug with multiple users(when chosen 3rd user it'd instead read the 1st user in array), fixed it with moving from Array to Dictionary method of saving Usernames, Missing users are filled in at start of system automatically, tho it can take some time to get all users if you have plenty of accounts

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