🕰Time Remaining

by Ricardo “Rudxain” Fernández Serrata

Version 1 (November 20, 2021)

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Shows a notification with the estimated time remaining for something to complete.

The delay block represents the task "item" that is being processed, so that all the times the delay block is executed (all items) represent the full task/process.

This uses a buffer because storing more than 2 samples has better accuracy at calculating time. And using a buffer instead of an "infinite" storage is more adaptive because a buffer only stores recent data while the infinite storage keeps old values.

Using 1 Variable Set Block with this expression {x ? (x + (Now - time_start)) / 2 : Now - time_start} would store the "average" time for an item to be processed and just calculate a weighted average that adds more weight to the newest sample and only storing a minimum of 1 sample (Now - time_start) and a max of 2 samples (x and Now - time_start)

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