Water Drinking Goals

by Liz Calkins

Version 1 (December 29, 2020)

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This flow uses notifications to help you keep track of how much water you drink a day so you can stay hydrated.

First run the Settings flow on its own. It'll ask what time you usually wake up, what time you usually go to bed, and how many ounces of water you want to aim for drinking a day. Then after that flow stops, run just the Drinking Water flow. This'll pop up a notification with ounce options matching to some common prepackaged drink sizes. Every time you drink a serving of water, click the corresponding button. When you either go over your goal or your bedtime arrives, the flow will log your current ounces then go back to the beginning.

The flow comes as-is logging to the flow log, but you can swap in the provided Write File blocks for the Log Append blocks if you'd rather have a text file instead. (Default save spot is the Automate app folder, feel free to pick a different folder.)