Voice Phone Beta (Swedish)

by Renman Mattias

Version 29 (January 23, 2021)

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0.95 - still being developed. A hotword must be set up in plug-in block no. 2686 before use.

This voice assistant will help you make and recieve touch- and eyes- free speakerphone calls using Swedish. Suited for elderly or anyone who just want to communicate with people without necessarily holding, touching or looking at a screen device.

Talk to the assistant by saying an arbitrary greeting like "Hejsan" (Hello there in swedish). Wait for just a second after greeting (while the phone awakes) and then speak your request. If you then only say "Hjälp" (help in swedish) you will get introductory step-by-step guidance with lights and sound indicating what to say and when to speak.

Give someone a call by including "Ring" (Call in swedish) in your request, followed by the name of the person in your contact book to call. Then confirm with "Ja" or "Nej" (Yes or No in swedish) whether the right person was found. If you include the word "Hjälp" (Help) somewhere in your request the assistant will give just a little more instructions and feedback but will otherwise be as silent as possible.

When the phone calls, say "Ja" or "Hejsan" (Yes or Hello there in swedish) to answer when lights and sounds guide you to speak.

Based on the "Hotword plugin [Tasker Plugin]" by Jolan Rensen and a arbitrary button mapper app like "Button Mapper Pro" by Aaron Segaert, installed from google play and set up separately. Also a phone with good quality speakerphone functionality and separatate computer speakers (always on and connected to the earplug jack) may be used for an optimal sound experience.

If your phone model will allow it, calls are hang up automatically if the phone is left silent after at least 1 minute of active use. Shorter calls or calls from phones which does not allow recordning the sound level during a call, may need to be ended with a physical button press on your phone by connecting the start flow (using a "Button Mapper" app) to a physical phone button. A regular beep will then remind to hang up the call manually.

Also clear user instructions are available by pushing the button when the phone is idle. If pushing when the phone is calling, the call will be answered.

The sound volume may be changed, but not completly muted. Request (in swedish) to raise or lower it, or to set an exact level between 20-100 percent. Only press the volume buttons as a complement. Do not disturb setting may be used to mute.

New features and bugfixes 2021-01-23:
- using alarm when phone is ringing. Speakerphone or external speakers through headset when off-hook or Media/music to stream when idle (to internal or external speaker if plugged into the 3.5 mm plug.

To my grandma Ingegärd for inspiring and encouraging me to do this flow and for the prayers of my mother. To many of you on this site for sharing your flows and helping me put togother this. To NetOnNet Göteborg for helping me testing a few phones. I cannot mention all your names, but thanks.