DND Monitor

by F.

Version 4 (February 6, 2021)

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Flow to trigger some actions based on the DND mode (30 blocks).


This flow disables WIFI and Bluetooth and enables the low power mode when 'Do Not Disturb' mode has been activated at night time and restores those settings when leaving DND. Additionally it posts a temporary notification when DND has been activated while the device is laying face-down on the table. This allows assigning a tone to be played as feedback when the 'Flip to Shhh' feature is used on Google's Pixel phones.

The flow has been created and tested on a Google Pixel 4a (Android 11), so no warranties are given it will run smoothly on any other device.

Synchronization between the processing fiber and the blocking fiber monitoring the DND mode is done by applying 'Variables Give' and 'Variables Take' blocks.

If you want to make use of the acknowledge tone for the 'Flip to Shhh' feature, make sure to exclude the 'DND activated' notification channel from being suppressed by DND in the Android notification settings for the Automate app!

It should be easy to extend the flow to toggle the mobile data switch as well but this would require a rooted device.

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