N-to-B Printer (compact)

by Ricardo Fernández Serrata

Version 1 (January 18, 2021)

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Prints the string representation (numeral) of any integer (number) value in any base/radix within the charset length range (except Rational and/or Negative bases/radices). Base 1 (Unary) is supported!

N = Input: Number argument to be represented. Can also be a numeral (string) argument that Automate can parse to number (Bases/Radices 0d10, 0b10 and 0x10 OR Decimal, Binary and Hex respectively). This module (by itself) cannot convert a numeral to a number (Automate does it automatically, NOT this module).

B = Input: (Numeric argument) base/radix in which N will be represented. Automate will also convert any valid numeral string into its corresponding number value.

charset = Input: Array or String argument containing all characters/symbols to represent values (it's recommended that CS is already sorted in some way). Optional, because default is alphanumeric (both lowercase and UPPERCASE)

Output: String representation (numeral) of input N.

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