🔔 Reminder (location based)

by Robert K.

Version 2 (January 20, 2021)

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Do you know this? You have to do something when you get home and you know yourself well enough to know that you will have forgotten it by then. A reminder would be just the right thing, but unfortunately you don't know when exactly you will arrive home.
Then this flow will help you!
It creates a quick setting tile in your notification bar that you can use to create a reminder that will notify you when you enter a certain place.

- You can choose from 3 different locations. The first two you have to set yourself before the first use, the third one is variable. The default names are: Home, Work and Select on map.
- Start the "get location" flow first and choose your desired location
-The coordinates are now copied to your clipboard. The first number is the latitude (lat) and the second is the longitude (lon). Paste them into the two Variable Set fields (43 and 41). Then repeat the same for your second desired location
- Now drag a free Quick setting tile into your notification bar.
- Afterwards you can start the flow via Reminder