AuthOS[2.0 The Big Rewrite]


Version 3 (October 13, 2021)

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Premium✅(quite bulky)
Permissions: storage(user info storing)

Version 1.0:

Please credit me for this system if you use my OS as your authentication system!
Please leave a review if you like this flow/have a bug

You can contact me via cloud message to:

A simple Authentication system with self check for already saved users
All Users info stored on-board of your device and never sent to me("user info" is just username and a password used to acces the user in AuthOS)

1. User management (finnaly full)
2. Secure passwords which is at least 8 characters long(although they can be decoded because i need to show them when changing passwords)
3. Directory existence check

Vers 1: Release
Vers 1.1: User adding is manual instead of: "if empty add new", plus fixed users not showing in list(it was in "file list" blocks, they listed directories instead of files)
Vers: 1.1QF:Quick fix of various bugs that leaded to misbehavior of the programm