🌏📨🆓Community notifier LITE

by Сергей Ковтун

Version 1 (February 1, 2021)

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This app notify you about New added flows in community.
New flows presents in Dialog choise With community link.

Its Lite, minimized version, so There is no settings, just one notification channel(via Dialog choise block), and has no history...
Less FEATURES, more free blocks =)
You can add your own comfortable way to notify via render message in block#89 and Change blocks#90 and 92 to mail, sms, notification, messanger bot or something else.

-----Getting started-----
1) Run Install fiber (for economy of free blocks you can remove this fiber after install, for uninstall Just remove automate/serKov/communityNotifier folder
2) Set frequecy of check( per hour by default)
3) Run Start fiber