Checksum cmd finder

by Ricardo Fernández Serrata

Version 3 (July 20, 2021)

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This detects available hash-function/checksum binaries/executables by searching in "/system" for files whose names end with "sum" and creates an array out of that list.

It uses atomic memoization for better performance on future executions. Remember to clear atomics if your OS has been updated, so that an updated array is generated.

Works on any device (but "find" cmd is supported since A6-M) and it's useful for:

1) "special" or "unique" systems that could have an extra hash F that doesn't appear on this list:

2) Root users if they install or uninstall checksum bins and want to remember the available ones.

3) Flow that needs to correctly detect available hashers without relying on the previously mentioned list and without checking Android version.

The regex I used reduces redundancy by using the "look-around" feature. If you want to include the substring "sum" replace the look-ahead "(?=sum)" by the literal "sum". Same goes for the slash, replace the look-behind "(?< =/)" by the literal "/", to make findAll return all strings including the 1st slashes

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