Wallpaper Changer v1.0

by Dafuf

Version 3 (March 19, 2021)

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You want to change your Wallpaper in a matter of one click?
This flow now can do this.
Just chose the pictures you want to have in your list.

How to use:
1. Create a folder on your internal storage with the name automate_wp
2. Put all your favorite pictures into that folder
3. Start the flow and chose the pictures you want to use
4. Click on the Notification to change it, swipe to quit

Disclaimer: The chosing menu shows only the paths of the picture.
It is recommended to simplify the names of the pictures so you have a better view at what pictures you select.
(Tip: The name of the pictures is displayed at the end of every path. Don't use .gif or any live wallpaper format, it does not work.)

In development:
-Picture Preview
-Better Name Preview
-Better Selection
-Accessability of various Options

And many more updates