Truly Random String

by Ricardo Fernández Serrata

Version 4 (September 13, 2021)

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Generates a truly random string of any length and any charset, no server required, all thanks to /dev/urandom.

I made this with password generation in mind, that's why it doesn't log data nor it does a Clipboard Set, and the temporary file is only readable by AM. But you can use this for anything that isn't security-related.

Because of legacy and portability this doesn't use `head` nor `xxd` commands, instead reads a file generated by `dd`. This is required because AM reads shell stdout as 7bit ASCII, but 8bit chars have max randomness.

It only supports charset length less than or equal to 2^16. Larger charsets will have higher indices ignored because 2 Bytes aren't enough to address them. Indices less than or equal to 2^16 - 1 are always within 16bit addressing range.

Similar (quantum integer alternative) flow by Patrick Corgan:

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