Emergency contact(s)

by Mario Ba┼żant

Version 1 (April 27, 2021)

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[29 blocks]
I made this flow because I didn't like "Do not disturb" mode on the phone because I still wanted to recieve notifications as usual, not completely muted.

It's straighforward enough. Just select contacts you want and when any one of them calls you and you have your phone on "vibrate" or "mute", it will switch phone to "sound" mode and the call will ring. When the call with selected emergency contacts has ended, it will switch back to mode that was active before the call. Only selected contacts will do this. Calls from other callers will remain as if the flow wasn't running.

I haven't checked, but for complete function, be sure to have phone numbers of contacts with country prefix (for example +44 for UK, +49 for Germany, etc.). I have a fix for this in mind but it will require more blocks.