by Moalong Kichu

Version 4 (March 11, 2022)

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This can be used in non premium Automate. Over heating your battery is one sure way to kill your phone battery faster. This flow will warn you of when your battery gets warm (41°C to 45°C) every 2 minutes and when it is exceedingly hot (above 45°C) every minute. It also notifies you if the battery gets cold at below 4°C. There is a secondary thread that shows a persistent battery temperature notification that you can switch on if required.

Ver 1: Release
Ver 2: Changed the frequency of Battery Temperature warnings
Ver 3: Minor changes
Ver 4: Changed Warming from 41°C to 45°C and Hot from 46°C to 48°c

Disable logging unless you do not trust the flow. Automate premium users can download the all in one package: Battery Info Automation Pro for complete care of your battery.

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