Use Headspace for X minutes daily or ZAP (Pavlok3)

by Raz DE

Version 4 (July 27, 2021)

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Get zapped if you haven't used Headspace for at least X minutes before a certain time of day.

When starting this automation you'll be prompted to:
1st: specify how many minutes you should be using Headspace per day, and
2nd: at what time it should be checked if you achieved that goal.

For example, if you choose "15 minutes, at 21:00hs", it will check at 9pm if you used Headspace for at least 15 minutes between midnight and 9pm.
If you didn't reach the goal, you'll get zapped.

You'll also get a notification showing how many minutes you used Headspace.

This is set to work specifically with the Headspace app, but you can change it to work with whatever app you want. Just tap the Package field in Block #73 and you'll get a list of your apps to choose from.