!Phone SMS Tools 1.2.1

by Person Man

Version 1 (July 27, 2021)

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β˜†β˜†NEW IN UPDATE 1.2.0:β˜†β˜†

FunctionEndCall: Sending phone must send a time following the initial text; the function will wait until the stated time, at which time it will end any current call


Multiple tools that make use of a set of commands sent to the phone via SMS


FunctionFindPhone: Turns ringer volume to 100%, plays a tone, and turns the flashlight on until a prompt is accepted

FunctionLocatePhoneCoordinates: Returns latitude, longitude, altitude, and measured accuracy as a SMS to the sender's phone number

FunctionLocatePhone: Returns approximate address as a SMS to the sender's phone number

FunctionEmergency: Puts receiving phone's ringer on full volume, plays a tone, and turns the flashlight on. A prompt will appear giving the option to call the contact who sent the emergency function; upon denial, flashlight and tone will stop, and upon accepting, the same will happen and the contact will be called

FunctionAlarm: Similar to FunctionFindPhone. This function exists to allow a separate alarm function with a different tone to exist; one tone remains solely for finding the phone while the other is used as an alarm

FunctionNotify: Execution of this function on a phone with Phone SMS Tools currently running will do a series of things; firstly, the phone will send a SMS message to the sender's phone notifying them that the subsequent SMS will be used as the following notification's content. If 30 seconds pass before an SMS from the sender is recieved, the fiber is stopped and the function ends, sending an SMS notifying the sender of this. If, within those 30 seconds, an SMS is received, the function will wait until the device's screen is unlocked. Upon being unlocked, the content of the response SMS is used to populate the content of the following notification. The notification can either be dismissed, ending the function, or a reminder can be set at a particular time in the future at which time the notification will be shown again until it is dismissed