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Version 2 (August 3, 2021)

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This flow will re-open any given app, when it is closed or moved to background ( Not in foreground due to a crash or any other reason ).

You have to select the package from " App in foreground ? " block to the desired apps name...then set the same package name for " Start app " block...

Then run the flow, open the app that you want to be in foreground ( The one you selected in the block previously ).

Now when the app is closed or crashed, after two seconds delay it just reopens, delay is to give you time to react if you dont want the app to open or you purposefully closed the app from foreground.

There will be a notification shown, if you click the notification, you can stop the flow or else the flow loops and just keeps opening the app thinking the apps might have been crashed or click on the notification and you can stop the flow and dont want to open the apps...

Hope this helps you...

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