🧽 Wash mode

by Rik van den Reijen

Version 1 (August 17, 2021)

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Need to get some cleaning and washing done? Get in the flow with this flow!

This flow will add some fun to your cleaning chores by adding karaoke, cool music and more special features!

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Version 1.0 --- Rik van den Reijen

To do
-1 Washing playlist
-2 Washing livestream
-- Karaoke mode
-4 volume to shower noice control
-5 Tweet
- Tweet your cleaning log
-6 Easy deligation
-7 Wash meme
-- Sustainability thumbnail:
--- Something funny with Greta Thunberg
-8 just do it countdown

How it works?

Hopefully it speaks for itself however if you run into trouble please send me a email so that I can make it more intuitive.

- Time activated
- Automated livestreaming
- Automated open call creation
- Automated livestream/call communication (Twitter)

Standard version made for Oneplus 5T. Needs editing of interaction clicks to fit your device for casting.


[✅ Premium] [❌ Root]
Mail Object: Clean mode

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