🏷️Overlay Text (QuickExtension alpha)

by lighfu

Version 3 (August 26, 2021)

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Display the text as an overlay through an external app.

Since it is experimental code, it may cause an error or cannot be executed.

It worked in the actual machine test (Android 10), but I don't know if it works with the API below Oreo.

( I want you to officially implement the overlay. )

⬛ Check Status
🟩 Worked on Android 11 API 30
🟩 Android 10 API 29
🟩 Oreo
🟩 Nougat

⬛ Starting with Version t1.0a, the The Action ORDER specification has been changed.

It used to be
Action: ORDER.(OverlayText ID)
has been changed to the following
Action: overlayText.ORDER.(OverlayText ID)

# Overlay preparation
Use "Start App"
package: com.lighfu.quickextensions
class: com.lighfu.quickextensions.OverlayView

{"act": "start", "id": "a.0"} (Ex.)

act : start is Overlay Start
act : end is Overlay Exit
id : OverlayText ID (String)

# Overlay text, change appearance

Use "Broadcast Send"
package: com.lighfu.quickextensions
Action: overlayText.ORDER.(OverlayView ID STRING)

{"text": "(a.0) hello\n" ++ Now, "size" as Float: 24, "gravity" as StringArray: ["CENTER"]} (Ex.)

text: Overlay Text
size: Font size (as Float)
gravity: Overlay Position.
Use StringArray.
You can specify up to two at the same time.

"LEFT" : left "RIGHT": right
"TOP" : top "BOTTOM" : bottom
"CENTER" : center

"gravity" as StringArray: ["CENTER"]
"gravity" as StringArray: ["CENTER", "BOTTOM"]

color: Text color (Int 0xAARRGGBB)
"color" as Int: 0xAARRGGBB

backcolor: background color (Int 0xAARRGGBB)
"backcolor" as Int: 0xAARRGGBB

pos-dp & pos-px: Display Position.
( IntArray [ x, y ] )
pos-dp : Follow screen dp
pos-px : Direct Pixel Position

⚠️ When running multiple Start apps for the OverlayView, be sure to leave a one-second pause.
⚠️ There is a bug.
⚠️ Press and hold to remove the overlay.

🔌 If you like, please tell me what happened when it crashed and the version of Android OS.

If you can't install with Install APK, Please install manually.