🏷️Overlay Text (QuickExtension.b)

by lighfu

Version 4 (November 13, 2021)

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Display the text as an overlay through an external app.

Since it is experimental code, it may cause an error or cannot be executed.

It worked in the actual machine test (Android 10), but I don't know if it works with the API below Oreo.

( I want you to officially implement the overlay. )

++ QeFa Download

Please download and install the apk from the latest release.

++ Document

Please check the above URL for documents such as how to use it.

〇 Version
v3: 8/26 - Update Alpha version
v4: 11/14 - Update Beta version

This is an update due to specification changes. It improves convenience. Touch events can now be used.

🔌 If you like, please tell me what happened when it crashed and the version of Android OS.