Control long process with quick settings tile

by Alex Stoyanov

Version 1 (September 9, 2021)

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This flow provides a simple, easy to understand, and widely applicable code snippet that will allow you to control any looping/long fibers with a quick setting tile.

I have also provided a second flow which is a bit harder to understand, but it is more reliable.

The example flow uses a wait block set to 1 hour. To control that with a quick setting tile in series, you'd need to wait an hour. In this case, since this snippet runs the original flow in parallel with the quick setting tile controls, it will allow you to interrupt that long fiber and toggle it whenever you'd like

To use the snippet, simply copy and paste it and attach your code to the new fiber on the fork block

⚠️There may be some delay between tapping the tile and the flow forking. Simply wait a few seconds or try minimizing the quick setting menu

⚠️⚠️The first example (the one with 2 quick setting tile blocks) is a bit unstable. If it is activated and deactivated quickly, it may get stuck in one of the two positions for a bit, which is why I created the second flow

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