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by lighfu

Version 1 (September 21, 2021)

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This flow was created for the Flowmaker.
The total number of downloads and the number of each download are visible as a graph. The graph will require a lot of data.
Please leave it for a while.


How to use.
1-1. run "watcherStart".
1-2. Select the flow you uploaded to the community.
2. leave it until enough data is collected.
3. check stats with "# View".

If you have any requests for additional features, please feel free to comment.

💲premium required.

If you can't see the graph, specify one day later than the current date to get the latest status. (This is due to an error. Please try this as a workaround.

〇 Note that deleting this flow will also delete the statistical data.

# If the response is slow, re-change the Automate's stack size to 1 MB or more.

☘️ Thanks for the assessment!

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