Memorable passphrase/password generator

by Casey Ng

Version 7 (December 10, 2021)

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Can't remember your passwords? Sick of typing in random characters just to find you still entered the wrong password? Been reusing your passwords for everything? Then this is for you.

There are also 4 quick profiles up choose from.

Starting from the 3 words passwords, the profiles should be sufficient to meet most password strength requirements.

The 2 words password profile could be a bit of a hit or miss, but should be good enough if you're changing passwords every quarter.

### Technical details ###
The words list is based on EFF long words list. The default setup creates a pass phrase based on dice ware.

I've tested the password strength of the variations and should be sufficient to meet most password needs.

The generated password is copied to the clipboard and cleared after 1 minute.

Pascal case is used instead of random upper case as it's easier to remember. Also the selected symbols are based on ease of recognition so that there's lesser need to guess, in the event you need to type the password.

Lastly, the password is logged to automate and it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to clear the logs after you have saved the password.

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