Shazam Downloader

by Alex Stoyanov

Version 1 (October 5, 2021)

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The goal is to use Shazam notifications, Termux, and youtube-dl to download songs detected by Shazam. Currently, I have managed to extract the song name from the notification.

The problem is as follows: I need to somehow run youtube-dl from Termux or in another way without rooting or using the Termux plugin on the play store. To run youtube-dl, python must be installed, though that isn't a problem if run through a terminal emulator. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As for finishing the script, youtube-dl can search for songs by name and install them in preset locations. Basically everything else is easy except finding an easy way to send commands to Termux. I have thought of many different methods and decided against them, but if you think there is an easier way please tell me.

Currently working on understanding this flow:

Notification listener:
My quick setting setup:
Search queries: