🍞 Android 12 Auto Wallpaper Fix

by Furtive

Version 2 (November 5, 2021)

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I recently updated to Android 12 and found that changing the wallpaper may crash apps and even System UI, this is a workaround.

It will randomly pick a wallpaper from a specific folder on your phone every time you lock your phone.

It works great for me 😊

*Does not support GIFs (live wallpaper)

-Have a folder inside DCIM named "Papes", or edit the flow. Make sure there's more than one image

I left it nice and simple as it's more of a quick fix than a whole wallpaper system. I did, however, update my Wallpaper System flow with this new method. Check my profile to find out more.

It works by changing your wallpaper when you're most likely not using your phone, which is when it's locked. Every now and then it will wake up your device briefly after you've locked it, and it will go back to sleep in 5 sec. this isn't a security concern and it's the sacrifice we have to pay for Android 12 wallpaper changing until they patch it, I guess

If you have any suggestions for other workarounds or if you need help, find me on discord soup#0313

Version 1: Quick fix for my issue
Version 2: Removed unnecessary blocks