Yet another AutoScroller

by P. Andreas Schmidt, IVE

Version 3 (November 24, 2022)

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An adaptation on

No-premium free flow!

Automatically smoothly scroll inside apps with this flow!
This flow uses the free TouchTask Tasker plugin by Marco Stornelli ( for speed control by volume buttons. You will have to install this plugin in order to use this flow, or else you will get an error.

*To stop Auto-scrolling, tap anywhere on the screen.
*To restart Auto-Scrolling hover over/touch the proximity sensor.
*Or else hit volume up/down button with which you can control the speed (in-/decrements by 5dip/s, can be changed in blocks 65 and 67; standard speed is 30, min is 15 because else it will only select text and not scroll, can be changed in block 74, in some apps even at as little as 20).
*Will automatically stop when locked, or on incoming call.
*Needs to be (re)started from notification. The pause button in the notification stops the fork checking on proximity to restart.

Suggestions or corrections are welcome!

V3: added two blocks so the volume wouldn't get changed (it would be annoying if you're listening to something whilst scrolling and it would get too loud or silent and then...?) This meant having to delete the atomic load at the beginning allowing to scroll at same speed as last time.
Also added a half-second delay before checking volume keys. Very often there'd be "ghost" presses and the speed would in/decrease more than wanted... At least on my phone. This fixed it for me.

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