Bluetooth speaker : Switch to next/previous song

by Dylan Bergozza

Version 1 (February 23, 2022)

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[no root, no paid Automate required]

2021-09 : Updated by Lyddark for bluetooth devices only.

There're a few flows enabling you to switch tracks back and forth by double clicking volume up/down buttons BUT some of those flows can't work with the turned off display or just become unresponsive when you reach min or max volume level..

So, I built this flow to overcome those glitches.

So far:
- it works with both turned on/off screens
- you don't have to worry about min/max volume, tracks will be switched
- there're a few settings accessible upon the 1st launch allowing you to fine tune the flow, e.g. to adopt it to how fast you press volume buttons..

PS in case of questions/issues/suggestions reach me by, otherwise I can easily miss your comment here

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