đź’¬SmplChat server

by the smasher

Version 17 (June 20, 2022)

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Host your own SmplChat chat room.

V17 - Automatically syncs server files with Google drive.
V16 - Allows multiple devices to be signed in on the same account.
V15 - Version list background downloading improvements.
V14 - Bug fixes.
V13 - Bug fixes.
V12 - Version verification is retrieved from a downloaded list so I don't have to manually update it in the flow.
V11 - Version verification is now server-side instead of client-side.
V10 - Bug fixes.
V9 - Added notification sending.
V8 - Added online checking.
V7 - Added user list.
V6 - Added version checks and scroll checks.
V5 - Added new join and leave messages.
V4 - Added logging.
V3 - Added auto delete old messages feature.
V2 - Bug fixes.

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