🪙 Coin Flip!

by Alecontin

Version 1 (April 5, 2022)

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Flip a coin whenever you are bored!

I know there are some flows out there that use the same idea, but I wanted to make my own version

Shake your device to flip the coin, you will get a toast with whatever side it landed on

(ok you don't actually need to SHAKE your device, just do a quick sudden move)

Since it doesn't display a message you can keep the flow running in the background and use it whenever you feel like it without interrupting whatever you were doing

The flow will also keep track of how many times you have flipped the coin and save them in a file, check the notification! It also uses the progress bar to show the comparison between heads and tails (numbers are boring)

I store it on a file instead of using atomics because I know how it feels losing progress because you accidentally went into edit mode and accidentally moved something

⚠️ This flow has both the normal version and a "lite" version, it is up to you which version you want to use, i highly recommend you delete the version you will not be using if you don't have premium so you can save some blocks