🌡️ Humidex: Scale of Comfort 🌡️

by Lucien Bautista

Version 5 (June 24, 2022)

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Version 5

Avoid exhaustion or heat injury with the help of this flow.

This flow displays the current humidex and the "scale of comfort" outside of your house, workplace, or any designated place.

Humidex (Canadian version of heat index) is an approximation of how hot we feel when we're outside (the "feels like" temperature in some weather apps). It's calculated based on air temperature and relative humidity or dew point.

More info: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humidex

Scale of Comfort:
< 29°C --- Comfortable Level
30°C - 39°C --- Some Discomfort
40°C - 45°C --- Great Discomfort
46°C - 53°C --- Dangerous
>= 54°C --- Heat Stroke Level

You can factor humidex in your decision to go out or inside, drink water, wear a type of dress, take a rest or shorten your outdoor activities.

*Humidex is different from the more-popular US-based Heat Index. I have a separate flow for the Heat Index. Just visit my profile to try it. The choice between the two will ultimately depend on your personal preference. Search them on the internet, and decide which is best and more accurate for you.

*Just like the Heat Index, Humidex is relevant only when you're in a shade, away from direct sunlight, and you're doing little to moderate activity. For a more accurate measurement when working or playing in direct sunlight, the Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) should be consulted.

*Humidex does not and cannot measure indoor temperature.

*This flow uses degree Celsius as the unit of temperature. A degree Fahrenheit option might be added in the future.

*This flow uses a Quick Settings tile to ensure permanence and flexibility, allowing it to be launched on demand.

*Sometimes, it would seem nothing is working after pressing the Quick Settings tile. You just need to wait a few seconds as the weather service might still be fetching data. The message dialogue will show up eventually.

V5 --- Removed 5 blocks for a more streamlined flow. Also, added more info if QS tile isn't found.
V4 --- Added a welcome block and modified the message blocks to add short guidelines.
V3 --- Fixed a bug where the flow stops if OpenWeatherMap can't be reached (e.g. no internet access)
V2 --- Removed 6 blocks for a more streamlined and non-premium-user-friendly flow
V1 --- Initial release

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