Automate Settings GPS

by Thierry G

Version 1 (May 27, 2022)

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Automate phone settings depending on GPS location.

Designed to control the phone's volumes, WLAN, and Bluetooth, depending on the location.
Since Android 8.0 it is required to have location turned on also for retrieving cell tower location and it isn't very accurate, so I created a new Flow using GPS location.
Supports Dual-SIM, to allow your work SIM to be reachable even when the phone is silent.

The functions are ordered with naming labels to easily find a function you may need to customize.
Currently there are 4 locations defined: "home", "work", "parents" and "in law".
Also there are 4 sound profiles: "normal", "quiet", "silent" and "loud".
At home the sound profile is changing with the time of the day, with a longer night on weekends.

Also includes defining unknown locations, all data is stored in the folder "Internal Storage/Automate"

There are four usable flow beginnings, the main starting point for batch is "Initialize", whereas "Silent" can be used as a homescreen widget to force the phone into silent mode if required, the same button will release this overwrite.
With "Edit location" you can define or any of the four locations, even if not being there atm.
With "Force Bluetooth" you can switch from having Bluetooth always activated to automatic Management and vice-versa.

"Silent" and "Force Bluetooth" can also be used from the QuickSettings bar if two Automate tiles have been added to the shortcut bar.

I suggest turning off logging.
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