🏠Home WiFi (Premium💎) [Requires ADB]

by nobody in particular

Version 5 (June 5, 2022)

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Enables your wifi when you get home.

Stops automatically if airplane mode is enabled

If you aren't home, the flow checks if you are connected to a wifi network, and waits 30 seconds to check again before disabling wifi

Tells user via a notification that location service is disabled

Can delay the flow for a set amount of time if it has repeated too many times

Doesn't enable wifi if an incognito tab is open (Chrome only, can probably change app)

Credits to Patrick Corgan, their flow tutorials really helped me on this.
ABD is required to turn on location from a notification, but you can remove that by deleting block 99.

I put too many unnecessary features because I was bored, I'll see if I can condense it into a free version... eventually

Update Log: V5, added Incognito bypassing, did some other stuff i forgot.