Screenshots with "Screenshot Tile (No Root)" app

by Brendan Silva

Version 1 (June 9, 2022)

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To use this flow, you need the app "Screenshot Tile (No Root)", (id: "com.github.cvzi.screenshottile"), by Cuzi, available on F-Droid, GitHub and Play Store. It is free, open source and ad-free.

How to use:

1) Install the app. Follow the setup instructions in the built-in tutorial and set a password in the "Show password" field. Go to "Advanced settings" and set the timeout/delay to 0 (zero) milliseconds.

2) Open the diagram of this flow. Edit the "Send broadcast" block, inserting, in the "Extras" field, the previously defined password.

3) That's it. When you run this flow, the screenshot will be taken. This is considerably faster than Automate's default screenshot function.


Don't make loops too short with this method. This may crash Android. A safe interval for each screenshot is 2 seconds.