Ringtone composer (monotone music maker)

by Brendan Silva

Version 1 (June 11, 2022)

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Tested on Android Oreo only. This flow uses the Automate to generate small audio samples (unsigned 8000Hz PCM). Thus, it is possible to simulate a fun - but slow, imperfect and very limited - music composition program.

A folder called "AutomateSoundCache" (for temporary files) will be created at the root of the SD card. This helps speed up the music "export" process. Disabling flow logging may also help.

How to use:

1) Notes are written as follows (without quotes): "octave,name,duration". Write the notes in sequence and each must be separated by a blank space. E.g.:

3,f,2 0,0,2 3,f,2 0,0,2 1,r,1 0,0,3 3,f,2 0,0,6 3,cs,2 0,0,2 1,r,1 3,f,1 0,0,6 3,gs,2 0,0,6 1,r,1 0,0,7 2,gs,2 0,0,6 1,r,1

2) It is possible to use 7 octaves for the notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B and for the semitones/half-step: Cs (C#), Ds (D#), Fs (F#), Gs (G#), As (A#). A pseudo-note called "R" will generate static noise (useful for simulating short beats).

3) The note duration is based on the relative length of the sample, which ranges from 1 (shortest) to 16 (longest).

4) Alternatively, you can create a text file called "melody.txt" inside the cache folder and modify the composition with your favorite text editor. You can add "//" comments to the file.