Act on motion detection (requires anti-theft app)

by Brendan Silva

Version 1 (July 5, 2022)

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Tested on Android Oreo only. To work, you must have installed the "Thief Alarm & Motion Detector" application (app id: "com.Security", version 2.0), by Quality Patterns. It is free, lightweight and ad-free.

☛ How to use:

1) In Android settings, open the list of permissions granted to the "Anti-Theft Alarm" app and revoke access to sending SMS messages. Grant permissions to access disk storage and camera.

2) Open the application. In the settings window, enable only the SMS sending option and configure it using an invalid phone number ("0", for example).

3) Run this flow and start app motion detection. So, when any movement is detected by the camera, Automate will act.

☛ Important:

Before using this flow, test it thoroughly. The application was developed for Android version 4 and may crash on newer versions. Log capture by Automate without root is inaccurate and may also fail.

In a real surveillance situation, look for credible alternatives.