Battery Alarm 🔌🔋

by dipper pines

Version 2 (July 24, 2022)

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Summary: Notifies when battery reaches a set level, to avoid overcharging.
[17 Blocks]*

Unplug the charger to turn off ringing notifications.
Notifications automatically stop, after no response for (default) 20 seconds.

⚡ Quick Customisations:
— Block id 2: Sets Max Battery Level before device rings. (Default: 95)

— Block id 13: Sets Duration(in seconds) after which device automatically stops ringing, even if charger is still plugged in. (Default: 20)

— Block id 14: Sets Interval(in seconds) between individual rings. (Default: 5)
Notifications consists of short-lived pulse-like tone, and the Interval between them can be adjusted.

* The number can be easily reduced to 14. Block id 2, 13, 14 are just "Set variable" blocks for Quick Customisations.

P.S. Please criticise my flow for the sake of education, Thank you ^v^