Million Lords IAN

by João Atalaia

Version 22 (August 7, 2022)

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Incoming Attack Notifications for ML.
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1 ‣ Download IAN Update Checker to keep all the scripts up to date
2 ‣ Enable background processing for ML (hold press the app > info)
3 ‣ Disable battery optimisation for ML (in phone settings > search)
4 ‣ Grant Automate and the scripts all permissions they need to run
‣ When in doubt, google how to perform the above steps
‣ Post any questions (and suggestions) in the comment section.


‣ Continuously checks for incoming attack notifications and broadcasts them
‣ Broadcasts notifications even while ML is open
‣ Force checks for incoming attacks every XX minutes
‣ Includes optional alert to restart ML
‣ Clickable notification opens a menu to start ML, change check frequency, and stop IAN


‣ Create a widget for IAN so it can be started from the home screen, then just start ML by clicking the IAN status notification
‣ Create a notification channel in Automate settings, named "Flow Silent", so IAN's menus become silent