🛰️Auto GeoTrack

by Pete Glass

Version 48 (August 7, 2022)

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Once wifi is disconnected, the device obtains an initial accuracy of 10 meter or better then logs your locations using a variable distance interval based on your traveling speed and saves the GPS track as a Goggle Earth (KML) file in an Automate/Tracks folder on the SD card. Also checks speed and acceleration to prevent excess and inaccurate points. Logging will stop and the track will be saved once wifi is reconnected or the notification is clicked, causing the flow to loop and await future wifi connects/disconnects for subsequent auto track logging. In addition, the track log of coordinates and automate log is saved to the Automate/Tracks folder. Intervals, initial accuracy required, and minimum acceleration can be customized using the first few variable blocks in the flow.

* * * Created by Pete Glass * * *

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