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by Mark C

Version 2 (May 8, 2016)

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Share Clipboard items with other devices.

Uses Cloud Messaging to send the last clipboard item to one or more other devices (yours or friends/colleagues)

There are four start points for Clipshare....

"Clipshare Setup"

You need to run this flow first to install Clipshare and setup your sharing group. Setup will create, if it does not exist, a folder named "Automate" in primary storage and will store it's configuration file in that folder. In Setup specify your Gmail address and a Cipher Account (see "Generic credentials" in Notes below) and add some devices to your Sharing Group (you can test Clipshare by adding the current device and having it share to itself).

You will need to run Setup on each device in your sharing group (though if you wish you can copy "clipshare.conf" from your first device and then edit it through Setup. You can run "Setup" anytime you need to modify your setup.

"Clipshare Always On"

When you start Clipshare this way it will run in the background ready to receive shared items and when you copy an item to the clipboard it will pop up a Dialog to share the item to other devices.
If you use this don't use the next two as well!

"Clipshare Manual"

Create a desktop shortcut to this so you can use it to share a clipboard item whenever you want to. If you use this method you will need to also start the "Receive" flow in order to receive shared from other devices.

"Clipshare Receive"

Use this to start Clipshares receive flow to await shares from other devices. You should use this if you plan to use the "Manual" method of running Clipshare but NOT if you start Clipshare in "Always On" mode.



You can only sensibly share text items, not files etc. For example if you share a file all you see is the file path.

Device Names

When setting up Clipshare you will need to know the "Device Name" for any device you wish to share to. The easiest way to find this is to open Automate on the target device and create a "Cloud Message Send" block then look at the block settings under "This Device" and you will see the device name. Enter that in the Clipshare Setup Dialog (Edit Sharing Group - Add New Device ") EXACTLY as as it appears.

Generic credentials

You will need a "Generic Credentials" account for use by the Cloud Messaging service as a "Cipher Account" and you will need to create the identical account on each device in your sharing group. Accounts can be created within Clipshare Setup.

Cloud Messaging

Clipshare uses the Cloud Messaging service to share items. This is usually more or less instant but occasionally can take several minutes. Both the sharing device and the target must be connected to the internet and the target device must be ready to receive (on and running Receive or Always On), it does not need to be awake.

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